Hello, my name is Ashley Phillis and I am Founder/Co-owner with CC Originals. I’m a small-town Mama of three who has a love for fashion. So, with an idea, a plan and a name, we had everything we needed. We launched in November of 2017, and it has been a dream come true. Never did I imagine this business to explode the way that it has and none of it would have happened without all the amazing stylist who has joined what we like to call, family.
CC Originals exists to provide a viable opportunity for women and men to create freedom by selling comfortable custom made graphics clothing. Offering our stylist the independence to set their own pace, schedule and become their own business owners. This creates time to spend with those closest to you, this is the very exact same thing that I wanted and inspired me to start this. To be surrounded by such empowering people and showing the world what happens when you mix empowering people and business together.

Hello, my name is Angela I am Co-Owner of CC Originals. I am a mother of two wonderful girls, a grandmother of four amazing grandchildren and wife to my best friend for thirty-three years. My love of clothing and shopping made CC Originals an easy choice for me. I feel I am a professional of both. Today, with everyone’s busy lives and the way shopping has changed so much towards the ease of online shopping, CC Originals for me and my Daughter, Ashley was an easy decision.
I know since we have opened the company to stylist in November 2017 we have exploded. I never would have thought we would build such an amazing group of people who are now as an extended family. With things moving forward for every woman and man that has joined and will join, we plan on making it an amazing journey to being able to have your own business without having to carry a single product and growing a dream you have for yourself.

We are so very pleased to offer CC Originals opportunity to each of you.

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